Leather Care

Leather is, in a sense, like your living skin. When your skin gets dry it begins to crack requiring lotion or oils to remedy the issue. Proper leather care requires very much the same actions to be taken in order to prevent permanent damage to your products.

There are many schools of thought on caring for your leather products but to keep the process plain and simple use mostly, if not exclusively, animal based oils.

Good old fashioned oils like mink and neatsfoot are common and will give your product a softening and darken the color upon application. Mink oil tends to give a better water resistance than neatsfoot.

Other options are a combination of oils and waxes such as Renapure or Obenauf’s leather preservatives. They work to enrich the color, condition the grain as well as provide a more intentional moisture resistant casing provided by bee’s wax.

Clean all sediment from items before treating with oils or preservatives in order to allow sufficient application to the entire product.

The above conditioner options are only according to our preferences and what we have found to meet our conditioning and preserving needs. Please do your own research or contact us with any questions before applying questionable treatments to your leather. Avoid direct contact with the elements to provide maximum longevity of your product’s use. Most items should last a lifetime if treated well. Simpleton Goods is not responsible for negligent treatment of leather products.