If you are participating in the Clean Start Project, brought to you by Blue Seven, it is probably because you share in the excitement of watching a quality crafted pair of denim pants be shaped to tell a story through a person’s patterns and habits.

But probably more than participating in watching a story fade in is having a sense of community and a creating a common bond with the uncommon group of participants over the months of the CSP. There is an anticipation SMPLTN shares to watch community solidify through something as simple as wearing in a pair of well crafted raw denim pants.


Denim has been an excellent medium in writing the narrative of an individual’s lifestyle for over a century but it hasn’t been until the last couple decades that a select few craftsmen have brought raw, untreated, adventure ready denim into the looking glass and exposed its potential as a walking testimony of a person’s trends.


But denim isn’t the only medium to tell such vivid tales of lifestyle and adventure.

We at Simpleton Goods share many of the same values that have inspired and shaped the CSP and Blue Seven over the years and are excited to make available a selection of natural vegetable tanned leather items for the CSP.


Like denim, leather tells an honest story of hard work that borderlines abuse but instead of fading, leather darkens in response to the natural oils from your body and hands and tans in the sun instead of bleaching. We believe that these items will be great accessories to your pair of raw denim and help shape their journey over the months and years to come.   

Shop the Clean Start Project Collection here.

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Shop the Clean Start Project Collection here.