COVID-19 Relief Donation

There are many great organizations and charities that have mobilized to meet needs related to COVID-19 making our decision of where to donate difficult however, we have chosen to give toward the Compassion Offering facilitated by Frontline Church in downtown Oklahoma City.

 Some of you may be aware of my cancer diagnosis in May 2019 and the surgery that prevented me from working for weeks. It was this Compassion Offering that helped meet some of my family’s needs during my recovery.

This fund meets all kinds of needs and isn’t allocated to a single recipient or designation.

During this pandemic the fund has:

• Helped with needs of individuals in the direct community who are struggling financially, some of whom have lost their jobs.

• Purchased necessary medical equipment for hospitals in the Oklahoma City area.

• Supported locally owned restaurants in conjunction with feeding healthcare workers on the frontlines of the virus.

• Donated to the needs of the homeless through City Rescue Mission.

• Contributed to Restore OKC, a program that aims to equip the low income areas of northeast OKC with education and training to help economic development. They have partners that contribute to housing repairs and pouring into underfunded schools of the area. They have a program designed to teach sustainable food and youth job training.

Regardless of this pandemic the Compassion Offering will continue the work of bringing relief and meeting needs in Oklahoma City, the state of Oklahoma and beyond. 

For more information or questions regarding the Compassion Offering please email

I appreciate your continued support through this difficult time and believe we will be stronger because of hard times. Hang in there and remain hopeful. #longlivetheprocess



          Tyler Carder