Things to Come


I’ve tried to hold fast to some rules I set for myself, one of those being that I won’t put work ahead of the things that are important, like family and to take the time to connect with friends if I wish to keep them. I for sure haven’t done a perfect job at keeping the rule however, working from home has allowed more time with my family than most get with their spouse due to working elsewhere and in the midst of taking on projects and work outside of SMPLTN I’ve made some great friends that I’ve been able to share in the process of developing my ventures.
I used to toil in my workspace as a single set of hands while trying to own and operate the business but as we all know, we can’t do it all ourselves. The things I enjoy are better in numbers or at least with a partner. With that said, SMPLTN will soon be moving into a space that both projects and ideas can be shared and accomplished not as a single unit but as a collective. I’m fortunate to be able to work for myself and experience the freedom it has to offer but even more blessed to have the friends I have. Why not have both in one place? Big things are coming. Stay tuned.




DSC_4472It’s hard for me to separate the integrity of character and the integrity in our products. I’m not saying that I hold up to being a man of integrity all the time nor are all our products up to the standard we would prefer. However, I’m beginning to understand some of the things my dad and grandpa told me about being a person of integrity and doing a job better than it has to be done. I just thought that was old man stuff to say but I’m finding that as I am challenged by the journey of life and having a growing family the concept of holding integrity is actually quite important and fundamental for success. The idea of excellence correlates across the borders of what we all believe define us and I think it’s in choosing a high standard that a person can develop and mature and grow into a person that is concerned with bettering humanity. Now, back to this being a post from a leather goods company. I’d like to believe that the attention we pay to every stitch as its placed by hand is a reflection of our values. We hope you can see it share such appreciation. #thinkbigsupportsmall



I asked a friend how he was so good at so many things and he told me that he just makes up his mind that he’s gonna be good at it. At first I thought that was a total crock but I began to realize most of the limits we feel are in our own heads. There’s always more ground to be covered, more information to know, more goals to be met, a deeper understanding and a quicker way to get there so, don’t let ‘you’ be the reason you don’t succeed. It’s easy to pin our failings on an outside variable or another person but I say lets take control of our lives and become responsible for not only our success but also our failure. Failure is the breaking down of our muscle fibers to allow our muscles to grow and gain strength. It’s not fun going through it but the outcome is worth it. #longlivetheprocess



Today has been a fight to remain focused on the goals, the very reasons for creating in the first place. I’ve been called a purest simply because of the process in which I create and the standards I live by. Some even call me closed minded or prude. I don’t mind the labels and in fact I sometimes like to wear them as a badge. But today, in the midst of all the chaos life seems to be throwing my way I want to flow with the current and go downstream since I know there is more money, satisfaction and ease that way. However, the principles I’ve laid as a foundation for my small business, and personal life for that matter, contradicts the urge to give in to easy and quick production methods and taking a shortcut here and there. I want money and recognition just like anyone else but today I feel like I’m almost at a crossroads where I can choose to stick it out and continue to develop the brand and craft and character traits as ones that may remain misunderstood and undervalued or to the contrary join the ranks of the many that have gone before and sought to be about fame and fortune rather than principles. I think I’m on to the idea that I can’t simply make products but instead the products speak of the principles that I’m trying to solidify within myself as a good businessman, a faithful husband, a strong father, a loyal friend and a steadfast example of what living by conviction can fulfill. My parents weren’t kidding when they said life doesn’t get any easier but the truth is there is an endless potential in all that is has to offer if a person is willing live a life ready for the adventure and experience, equipped with the tools that can’t be purchased but must be forged in the process of self discovery and shaping ones character. It isn’t what I thought it would be but its worth the turmoil. #longlivetheprocess

Scott Huttenmaier: Tattooist

Scott Huttenmaier: Tattooist, Craftsman

Crafting is a subjective term that is, these days, held with esteem. We all want to be part of the culture that crafts and makes and self sustains yet we don’t allow the genre of crafts that we are less familiar with to have the credit of being an artistry. Maybe it requires education, a quick communication of the craft or the ‘why’ behind the craftsman that will convert the subjective thinker to the side of skill and purpose masked in subtleties and uncertainties.

I got to spend the afternoon with @shuttenmaier to hear about and experience the craft he is developing. It’s clear that he isn’t a person that has bought into the hype of being a tattooist and makes his art permanent for the sake of the connotation of the culture or to create a hollow image. He is a very talented artist that takes the time to produce a piece that meets his conviction for quality and lives to a standard that some tattooists and others that craft simply never quite achieve. I can attest that not all tattoo work is the same so, if you’re looking for quality in the the tattooist and his work look no further. Book an appointment with @shuttenmaier at @thinkinktattoos